Manhattan Beach History Tutor

March 17th, 2016

So many people struggle with history in school! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had students come in struggling in their history class and in search of help. As a Manhattan Beach history tutor, I hate hearing this from new students and do everything I can to make the class more enjoyable. I do my absolute best to bring a level of excitement to the subject that they clearly are not getting from their teacher.

Many people see history as nothing but a bunch of meaningless facts that only vaguely relate to one another. As a Manhattan Beach history tutor, it is my job to string all of these “meaningless facts” together into a cohesive story that the student can become engaged in. I find that even if the student does not end up loving history as much as I do, they generally find the class much easier and are able to do well in the class. All of this begins to happen when the students begin to realize that all of those little facts that they found so frustrating before beginning tutoring simply make sense once integrated into an engaging story. Sometimes getting to this point is more difficult, but from my experience just about everyone can do very well in history as long as the information is presented in an engaging manner.


Manhattan Beach History Tutor

Over the past two years that I have been working as a Manhattan Beach history tutor I have helped countless students overcome the seemingly insurmountable task of receiving an A in their history class or achieve a 5 on their AP exam. Seeing my students succeed in their history classes is a wonderful feeling but the best is when I can inspire some appreciation of the truly delightful subject that is history.

Corona del Mar APUSH Tutor Tips

January 21st, 2016

AP Classes are no joke. They come with a heavy work load, and it is easy to feel overwhelmed. Here are some Corona del Mar APUSH tutor tips to keep you afloat!

Quick 1-2-3 Tips

I have my quick 1-2-3 that I usually go after first (any Corona Del Mar APUSH tutor worth a nickel should be able to give you these tips…):

1) Make a list of all grades lower than an 85%

2) Attack the lowest grades first:
-Make chapter outline
-Take practice quizzes/online tests on that material
-Take section review/chapter review tests from book or study guides

3) Make flashcards on all missed questions from review quizzing (each card needs 5 bullet points on the back hitting these three areas: a) definition b) historical significance c) political, social, economic implications

Corona del Mar APUSH Tutor Tips

General Corona del Mar APUSH Tutor Tips

Overall there should be some major units to review that the teacher hammers (and really what the College Board/AP test likes to drill). Understanding the major pillars from each unit, and re-reading the study guides and ANNOTATING as you read, will help to keep the major points at the top of your mind.

Know the major players from each unit, what their contributions were, and how they made lasting changes (why we are learning about them.)

In terms of execution of the plan, make a checklist with everything that you will study, and allocate a specific number of minutes to each portion of the checklist. That way you can assign a date/time to the task to ensure it gets done (and you can plan your life so you aren’t cramming like crazy).

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