Succeeding in Summer School

June 11th, 2015

It’s difficult to keep up in summer school classes. Five to six hours a day of the same topic is a long time to concentrate. Not only that, but teachers are trying to cram in an entire year’s worth of material into just a few short weeks.

One strategy to make sure you stay on top of summer school is to make sure that you take amazing notes. Great notes are detailed, organized, and easy to read. Make sure that you are writing legibly. Organize your notes by topic. This way, if you are looking for information on a certain topic you can easily find it. Make sure to take notes on what your teacher is saying, not just the lecture slides. They often go into important, more detailed information than just what is on the slides. You can bet that that same information will be on the test.

Try and stay focused. The hours are long, but the tests are very frequent so you do not have time to slack off. If you miss a concept, make sure to see a tutor before you are tested on it. It is also a good idea to schedule regular tutoring sessions. One-on-one time with a tutor can allow you to explore the material in more depth and assure that you fully understand all of the concepts. There is very little time to play catch up because of the rushed schedule. Turning in all of your homework assignments is crucial. Do not get lazy because the lost points will add up and hurt you.

As long as you stay on your A game, summer school is an amazing way to knock out some classes quickly.

Choosing a Summer School

June 10th, 2015

It’s time for choosing a summer school! Once you have made the decision to take summer school, the next choice you will need to make is where to take it. Do you want to go to school every day, or do you want to take classes online and remind yourself to keep up with the schedule? There is an option that works for everyone.


One advantage of choosing a summer school for classes at a physical school location is that you actively have to be present every day. If students are unmotivated while taking online classes, they can often easily click through the notes and not actually take in any information. There is a teacher in the classroom who can monitor behavior and engage students. Often times, it is also much easier for students to learn when they actually have someone in front of them teaching them, rather than trying to figure it out from an online textbook and videos on their own. Summer school is also great for procrastinators because unlike online summer school, they cannot just ignore everything until it piles up one week before the entire class is due.


Choosing a summer school that is online has its advantages as well. For students who do not want to sit in a classroom over summer, online summer school provides a completely flexible schedule. It is also easier for students to take multiple summer school classes at once, because they are not limited by the daily time allotment of each class. Students can also go at their own pace, or knock the whole thing out in a couple of weeks if they so desire.


Summer Prep at the Hut

June 24th, 2014


Here is a comprehensive list of programs to help your  student stay ahead this fall.

– SAT and ACT classes both one-on-one and group courses. Our group course for SAT’s and ACT’s start after the July 4th weekend.

– Spanish 1/2 and Spanish 3/4 Workshops

– Elementary to Middle School and Middle School to High School Transition Sessions

– Algebra 1, Geometry, and Alg 2 Prep Classes which will start at the end of July. Joey will be teaching some of the courses in the Manhattan Beach Location.

– General Summer School Help

We are open Monday-Friday and you can contact our managers to book appointments for summer. Manhattan Beach Location: Kristen@studyhut.com – (310)546-2408, Redondo Beach Location: Justin@studyhut.com – (310)540-5888, and our El Segundo Location: Alex@studyhut.com (310)648-8526

Summer Fun!

August 2nd, 2013

Summer School is ending… our SAT courses are underway and Fall is right around the corner! 

Many of the summer school classes ended this week and we have had a lot of students coming to the Study Hut for help through their classes. Geometry, spanish and government were three classes that many students were taking over the summer.

We have an SAT class going on at both our Manhattan and Redondo Beach locations. After the first 2 weeks, the students in Redondo went up an average of 100 points on their exams.

Many students have been starting SAT training so they do well on the SAT exams coming up in the fall. We have many families who are purchasing packages.

Remember, we have a 24 (12 – 2 hour) sessions, 32 hour (16 – 2 hour) sessions, and a 40 (20 – 2 hour) sessions packages! 

We also offer ACT Packages as well if you are interested!

We have a free diagnostic test for the ACT and SAT coming up this Saturday – August 3rd, and another one coming up in 2 weeks on August 17th!! 

With Fall right around the corner, students are calling in to reserve times and dates for the fall to come into the Study Hut. We have created a list and it’s first come/first serve.

We have also been really successful this summer with our reading/writing/math students who are in elementary and middle school that are preparing for their coming school year.

Contact us if you would like to know anymore information about any of these topics listed above.

Manhattan Beach: (310)546-2408 – Office Manager: Kristen

Redondo Beach: (310)540-5888 Office Manager: Justin 


Avoid the Last Minute Summer Reading Cramming

July 29th, 2011

I remember when I was a Mira Costa high School student, summer just starting, tried to forget about school as much as I could.  This behavior is quite common among high school student.  This ultimately would result with most of my friends and I spending the last weeks of summer reading non-stop all of our assigned summer reading books.  As my family usually chooses to go on our family summer vacation during those weeks, my memory of those vacations is marred with memories of: If Beagle Street Could Talk, The Crucible, An Affair to Remember, One Flew Over the Cookoo’s Nest, and the other books our teachers said we needed to read.

Looking back I wished I started reading those books earlier in the summer.  There was no real need to wait so long.  I have heard kids make the excuse that if they start reading early in the summer they won’t remember the details and promptly fail the “rigorous” summer reading tests.  While that line of reasoning seems quite logical, it’s also been accounted for by the Mira Costa English teachers.  The summer reading tests are very simple short multiple choice exams, asking easy basic plot questions; the point is to just make sure that the taker simply had read the book.   Over the first few weeks class time is spent reviewing the summer reading books preparing the students for a more involved analytical essay.   So there is no advantage of cramming all the reading in the last weeks of summer.  Instead, start those books right now.  Read when you can.  Find your-self with a spare hour or two at home with no plans?  Spend some of that time on your summer reading.  By reading a few hours at a time throughout the whole summer you can easily avoid cramming them all at the end.  And in my case, I could have enjoyed my summer vacations much more.

Letter of Complaint…. ‘ya need some writing tutoring that’s for sure!

July 13th, 2010

Dear Rob,
As much fun of a place that the Study Hut is, it is not really the place I want to
be during the summer. Although I realize the importance of maintaining some sort of
intelligence over the summer break, thinking is not appealing at all. After focusing
almost all of my brain capacity on school work for 9 months, I think 3 months is a fair
break from all learning whatsoever.
Yes, it is true that many students are enrolled in summer school and therefore
you might say it is necessary to continue tutoring throughout at least the duration of
the course. However, the way that summer school is set up, we cover around 2 to 3
chapters a day and may have a test that day. In that case, I would be coming to
tutoring to go over something I have already been tested on making it a waste of forty
dollars. Also, the content, due to the lack of allotted time is very watered down causing
the difficulty, at least for me, rather easy. If I do not need to be at tutoring I am simply
not only my time, but yours as well.
Adding to the lack of need for tutoring, there is also the fact that I simply do not
want to be there. I wake up at 6:30 am to go to summer school for 5 ½ hours then
have to go to football for 3 hours. By the time I would be available to come to tutoring,
my brain is absolutely fried and I would not be able to concentrate at all, which would
once again be a complete waste of time. I want to use the few free hours I have to
just relax and take my mind off anything that is making summer not seem like summer,
especially school work.
Donovan Ward