Letter of Complaint…. ‘ya need some writing tutoring that’s for sure!

Dear Rob,
As much fun of a place that the Study Hut is, it is not really the place I want to
be during the summer. Although I realize the importance of maintaining some sort of
intelligence over the summer break, thinking is not appealing at all. After focusing
almost all of my brain capacity on school work for 9 months, I think 3 months is a fair
break from all learning whatsoever.
Yes, it is true that many students are enrolled in summer school and therefore
you might say it is necessary to continue tutoring throughout at least the duration of
the course. However, the way that summer school is set up, we cover around 2 to 3
chapters a day and may have a test that day. In that case, I would be coming to
tutoring to go over something I have already been tested on making it a waste of forty
dollars. Also, the content, due to the lack of allotted time is very watered down causing
the difficulty, at least for me, rather easy. If I do not need to be at tutoring I am simply
not only my time, but yours as well.
Adding to the lack of need for tutoring, there is also the fact that I simply do not
want to be there. I wake up at 6:30 am to go to summer school for 5 Ā½ hours then
have to go to football for 3 hours. By the time I would be available to come to tutoring,
my brain is absolutely fried and I would not be able to concentrate at all, which would
once again be a complete waste of time. I want to use the few free hours I have to
just relax and take my mind off anything that is making summer not seem like summer,
especially school work.
Donovan Ward

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