Choosing a Summer School

It’s time for choosing a summer school! Once you have made the decision to take summer school, the next choice you will need to make is where to take it. Do you want to go to school every day, or do you want to take classes online and remind yourself to keep up with the schedule? There is an option that works for everyone.


One advantage of choosing a summer school for classes at a physical school location is that you actively have to be present every day. If students are unmotivated while taking online classes, they can often easily click through the notes and not actually take in any information. There is a teacher in the classroom who can monitor behavior and engage students. Often times, it is also much easier for students to learn when they actually have someone in front of them teaching them, rather than trying to figure it out from an online textbook and videos on their own. Summer school is also great for procrastinators because unlike online summer school, they cannot just ignore everything until it piles up one week before the entire class is due.


Choosing a summer school that is online has its advantages as well. For students who do not want to sit in a classroom over summer, online summer school provides a completely flexible schedule. It is also easier for students to take multiple summer school classes at once, because they are not limited by the daily time allotment of each class. Students can also go at their own pace, or knock the whole thing out in a couple of weeks if they so desire.



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