Tutoring for Home-Schoolers

There are quite a few benefits to homeschooling—taking initiative, learning at your own pace, and making your own schedule. That said, one of the most important parts of learning is the inspiration and insight that an instructor can give you. They say you never really learn something unless you teach it—and that’s true! Tutoring has given me a stronger foundation in a number of subjects. But, more importantly, it’s about the relationship I make with my individual students. It’s so exciting to discover how to reach a student, to explain something and see a light bulb go off!

Recently, I have been working with Daniel, who is a home-schooled 7th grader. We work on the full range of subjects, from English to Math to French. He is a self-motivated and intelligent individual, who does a great job learning up and keeping up with the material. But it’s also a great thing that he complements his home-schooling by coming in to Study Hut a couple of times a week; it’s a good time to review his progress, discuss areas of concern, and tutor him on challenging lessons and topics.

Being home-schooled is a unique privilege, but I don’t believe it should fully replace the role of an instructor or individual tutor. Our parents are there for us as we grow up, teaching us everything from walking to driving, but sometimes it’s nice to have a different perspective on learning a subject. Or if you’re home-schooling yourself—it’s refreshing and invigorating to be inspired and motivated by someone else, who is enthusiastic about a subject and excited about teaching it. In today’s world, I think there’s more than enough room for one more mentor and role model in a child’s life.

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