AP Diagnostic Testing

AP Diagnostic Testing

Diagnostic testing is an essential first step to any training program. However, there is a difference between doing old practice problems at home in your free time and taking an up-to-date, full-length test in an environment similar to the real AP exam. Diagnostic testing and subsequent personalized tutoring at Study Hut will make sure that you go into your AP test with the confidence, knowledge, and experience to achieve the high score you deserve.


Here at Study Hut Tutoring, we host diagnostic tests in our office every other Saturday starting at 8 am. We host an accurate AP testing environment that is free of noisy or entertaining distractions, filled with other like-minded students, and timed by an experienced proctor to simulate the real exam as closely as possible. When taking a diagnostic test at Study Hut, you no longer have to worry about keeping track of sections or breaks, or about being interrupted or getting too comfortable at home. Furthermore, some tests change year to year, so we are constantly updating our materials to ensure that you are taking the most recent version of the AP exam. 

After you take your initial diagnostic test to get your baseline score, you will receive prompt, detailed feedback on your strengths and weaknesses. No more guessing; you will see a score report explaining your score and all of your problem areas. Even better, this follow-up consultation to receive your results is free! You will leave your free consultation having discussed your performance on the practice exam and your fears and expectations leading up to the real test. Our primary goal is to make sure that you go into your AP test with the confidence, knowledge, and experience to achieve the highest score you can, and secure your place at the university of your dreams!

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