College Criteria

As junior year comes to a close, it is time to start thinking about colleges and where to apply. Summer is a great time to plan some college visits and start narrowing down your list of schools you would like to apply to. The college criteria differs for every student, but here is a basic list of things you should be taking into consideration.


  1. Location

    1. You are going to be spending a lot of time in this area for the next four years. So while having a beautiful campus is nice, having a great city is also incredibly important. Make sure you will be able to get around and have access to activities that you enjoy.
  2. Academics

    1. You are going to college to learn. Make sure the schools you are looking at offer a program for the degree you are interested in. There is no use finding your dream school and not being able to major in exactly what you want to do.
  3. Cost

    1. Cost is a factor for many people. What financial aid packages are available to you from each school? How much is the total cost of going there going to be? This includes tuition, books, room and board, and other expenses. Discuss this with your family to find a school that fits your financial needs.
  4. Student Activities

    1. Take a look at the students because these are the kinds of people you will be surrounded by. The clubs, professional societies, and other groups are going to be available to you when you go there, so make sure there is something that you are interested in!


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