Learning Missed Concepts

With finals quickly approaching, it is time to start relearning or brushing up on any concepts that you may have missed and just skimmed over during the semester.  A lot of students just never learn a concept if they do not get it because they have the mindset of “it will just be on this test and then I will never see it again”.  This is a dangerous pattern of thinking because in most classes, the concepts build on top of one another and show up again on later tests and on the final.  There is still plenty of time to relearn something that you missed earlier in the school year before finals.


If you did not understand the concept because of the way the teacher taught it, seek out a different way to learn it. Come in to Study Hut for one-on-one tutoring.  If you are cramming the night before and do not have time for a tutoring appointment, try researching the concept.  There are plenty of free online resources that are solely for teaching, such as Khan Academy.  Remember, these are not as good as someone who knows the material walking you through it, but they definitely come in handy in a pinch.


While trying to learn a concept, it is important to practice practice practice.  Do practice problems.  Try different types of problems.  Fill out worksheets.  Anything you can do to engage with the content and solidify the concept in your head will benefit you in the long run.


Once you think you have mastered it, try teaching it to someone else.  Explaining a difficult concept to someone will help you learn it better.

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