Make the Most of Your Tutoring Session

One of the most common problems students have when they come in for tutoring is being unprepared.  This eats up a good portion of a student’s session.  Luckily, it is easily remedied. This is how you can make the most of your tutoring session.



Bring Your Materials Make the Most of Your Tutoring Session

Having the proper materials is one of the most important factors to having a productive tutoring session.  Too often students assume that the textbook will be online or at the Hut, and then they waste valuable time looking for it.  Other times, students will get to their session and realize they cannot do their work because they left their materials at home.  Before coming to your session, jot down a list of what you need to do and what you will need to do that.  Then make sure you have everything you need.




Know What Areas You Are Struggling In

It doesn’t help you if you hand your tutor a study guide saying you need to go over everything and then as they try to cover each topic you say you already know it.  Know specifically what areas of the content you are having trouble grasping, so you can focus on that with your tutor.  This way you will not waste time going over things you already know.


Have a Good Attitude ☺

This is the most important part.  Come to your session ready to focus and learn.  Being miffed you have to go to tutoring or being too tired will guarantee that you won’t soak up as much information as if you had gone in with a positive attitude.  We are here to help you and make school make sense!


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