Newport Tutors at the JSerra College Fair

Study Hut Tutoring is excited to announce that several tutors from our team in Newport Beach were able to attend JSerra Catholic High School’s annual College Fair this evening. Students from JSerra and other surrounding Orange County high schools came together to learn about different colleges and career options.

While refreshments were abundant and the mood was undoubtedly jovial, most of the students in attendance at JSerra were quite serious.  After all, the College Fair is a rare opportunity to meet college admissions officers in person, and the impression that a student makes can actually have quite an impact on his or her admissions chances.  While some universities send alumni representatives, many schools’ admissions officers that will be the actual decision-makers when student applications are submitted were present, fielded questions and met potential applicants.  The JSerra College Fair was, therefore, a courteous yet competitive outing, with each student attempting to put his or her best foot forward. We saw some very well dressed students in attendance, ready to make a great impression.

So what was Study Hut Tutoring doing at the College Fair?  Was this just another event to grab a booth at the carnival and pass out candy?  Absolutely not.  While most students at a College Fair are likely not roaming the crowd looking for a math tutor or a writing tutor in Newport Beach (our closest office), many have questions about SAT training, ACT tutoring, and the entire college admissions process.  That is where Study Hut comes in; we know the process and we are familiar with the ins-and-outs of navigating most university websites and application forms.  We were able to help current students and new students to better understand what the college application process looks like, from essay writing and collecting Letters of Recommendation to scholarship searching and submitting test scores.  Of course, if you have any questions or need any help, we are here for you!

JSerra College Fair

The attendance was high for the JSerra College Fair last night!

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