Reading comprehension Tutoring at Study Hut Tutoring

It’s summer, and most kids cringe at the thought of spending their carefree days
in tutoring. However, a few hours here and there can help students stay sharp and
get one prepared for the coming year. This is especially true when it comes to reading

We live in a digital age, and many kids think anything over 140 characters seems
needlessly detailed. But reading comprehension is a skill that influences performance
in nearly every other subject. If your child is scoring low, it’s an issue better addressed
sooner than later.

We offer multiple approaches to reading comprehension for kids of all ages. Subjects/
topics include:

Identifying the main idea

Summarizing articles and passages


Making inferences and identifying faulty logic

Identifying unknown words and expanding vocabulary

Formulating summaries and responses

We have age-appropriate materials and can work with students of all levels.

Reading comprehension is important at all levels of schooling, but there are a few critical
ages to keep in mind. If your student is going into middle school or high school next year,
both curriculum and expectations are about to change dramatically.

It’s one thing to parrot the main points of an article, book or essay, but it’s quite another
to internalize and think critically about the material. Around middle school, essays
become as much about content as form, and your student will be consistently tested on
their ability to respond to a text in their own voice. Now is the time to prepare them for

Call to schedule a session, and you’ll see the difference it makes to have an experienced
tutor working one-on-one with your student. Who knows – maybe they’ll even start
bringing current event articles to the dinner table or chatting with dad about The Great
Gatsby while they play Xbox. Dare to dream…

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