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Why is science tough?
Why do people struggle with it in school?

Science is definitely a subject where the old cliché of,  “The more you put into it, the more you get out of it” applies. Human Anatomy and Physiology further exemplify this adage. It seems that many high school students have trouble putting “more” into academic subject, (especially a notoriously dry one that requires excessive memorization), usually due to typical and healthy teenage distractions such as sports, socializing, music, and various after school activities . This is where Study Hut Tutoring can helpfully intervene!

The notion of putting “more” into an information dense course such as Human Anatomy and Physiology does not necessarily mean more work. Although it does require some degree of hard work, putting more into Human Anatomy and Physiology means more organization, better time management, and most importantly, consistent and frequent studying, (which may arguably be even more important than duration of studying). Study Hut tutors, especially those of us who have studied sciences as either undergraduates or graduate students understand this. We had to utilize these skills in order to survive the rigorous science classes of college and graduate school! The coping mechanisms we learned as students of such classes as Human Anatomy and Physiology are enthusiastically passed on and instilled in Study Hut students.

Human Anatomy is taught in a sequence with each unit representing a system. Those units build on each other; therefore mastery of each unit is essential for continuous understanding of the class. Falling behind is not an option, at least for those students who aim to achieve high grades. Histology builds upon skeleton, which builds upon muscles of the body, which build upon the nervous system, and so on. All other body systems are learned, culminating in a cat dissection where all structures must be indentified in real life!  As you might imagine, this is all very challenging and requires a fair amount of academic discipline. Academic discipline is not a term often synonymous with teenager or high school student. Study Hut tutors teach study skills to keep up with and master material, thereby reducing frustration and increasing gratification. With help from the Study Hut your child may develop a burning passion for Human Anatomy and Physiology and maybe even entertain a future as a Health Care professional, or just as successful an outcome, pass the class with flying colors while enjoying every step of the learning process!

This Blog was written by Nora. She tutors at Redondo Beach at Study Hut Tutoring. She has a Masters Degree from UCLA. Come see why students love working with Nora! (310) 540-5888

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