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Study Hut College Tour Cal State Fullerton

Among the many outstanding universities in California, the Study Hut College tour Cal State Fullerton adventure was pretty special.  California State University, Fullerton (CSUF), which is located in Orange County, is less than ten miles from Disneyland. Study Hut has taken it upon themselves to learn more information about the campus and their facilities to share with our students and community.

Study Hut College Tour Cal State Fullerton

The university encompasses 240 acres with 8 colleges and 40,000 diverse students. CSUF prides itself in its diverse student body as it offers Diversity Initiatives and Resource Centers for African Americans, Asians, Latino/Chicano, LGBTQ, etc. CSUF also offers more than 100 undergraduate and graduate degrees, so students can explore their options and be able to concentrate on any desired academic field.

Of the many majors they offer, the most popular majors include: Communications, Art, Business, and Nursing. CSUF’s Mihaylo College of Business and Economics was deemed to be one of the “Best Business Schools” by Princeton Review and is ranked number one in the nation for awarding degreesto Hispanic students. CSUF’s Nursing department is one of the more highly coveted majors with only enrolling 40 students out of thousands of applicants. The CSUF Nursing graduate program in Nurse-Midwifery and Anesthesia is ranked one of the best by U.S. News & Word Report. The program has students follow a direct pathway where they obtain their degree and license all at once and the school also includes a Simulation Center, which puts the students into a real life medical environment. 

Study Hut College Tour Cal State FullertonCSUF is highly known to be a “commuter campus,” but they do offer on-campus housing such as the freshman dormitories and student apartments. Campus housing is close to the local Gastronome that is equipped with a full buffet with even on-the-spot prepared omelets for breakfast. CSUF hosts a Discover Fest in the main quad during every semester, where they offer a wide range of opportunities for students that want to get involved. Students can learn about Greek Life, Study Abroad programs, internships, sports, undergrad research, and even about Nap Club. Each major also allows students to have the opportunity to obtain internships, such as Art majors who have the chance to be recruited by animation studios like Nickelodeon, Dreamworks, and Disney.

Prospective students considering applying to CSUF do not need to worry. They don’t need a ACT/SAT superscore, nor a perfect GPA. CSUF provides financial aid to 67% of the undergraduates, which makes it even more accessible. CSUF offers loads of chances for students to enjoy college life and succeed in the future. All they had to do is seize it.

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