EXTRA! EXTRA! READ ALL ABOUT IT! All day today our Study Hut Foundation will be holding a fundraiser a CPK (California Pizza Kitchen) in Manhattan Beach in the Manhattan Beach Village Mall Parking – to raise money for our Study Hut Foundation! If you bring in a flier, 20% of each receipt goes to the Study Hut Foundation!

Nestled on a quiet corner in Lomita, directly across the street from the Lomita Public Library, the Study Hut Foundation is perfectly located to conveniently serve the students of Nathaniel Narbonne High School. The Foundation offers the same tutoring and college prep services that the Study Hut offers at its for-profit locations, but it offers them free of charge to the students who qualify to receive a tutoring scholarship.  The Study Hut Foundation offers a bright and comfortable spot for students to complete homework, study for exams, and prepare for college. Our young, experienced tutors offer personalized tutoring on all subjects in the elementary through high school curriculum.  They are smart, fun, and dedicated to helping students reach their academic potential.

Monday – Friday
3PM – 8PM

The Study Hut Foundation aims to provide the same tutoring and test-prep services, which our students in Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach, Newport Beach, and El Segundo have become accustomed to, free of cost to students who could otherwise not afford them.

Afford hard working, motivated students the opportunity to reach their highest academic potential and achieve their goal of attending college.

Improve our community by supporting the good work of committed students.

How Funding Will Be Used:
The goal of the Study Hut Foundation is to support the education of students, in Lomita and neighboring communities, who could not otherwise afford to receive tutoring. As such, the primary function of the funding that the Study Hut Foundation receives will be used to fund scholarships for students who meet Study Hut Foundation qualifications. The scholarships offset the costs of tutoring, including the tutor’s time and the materials used during the session.

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