Redondo Beach tutor: English essays

Imagining a world if kids didn’t study English is unlikely but imagining a world where students didn’t fully grasp the many facets of English is more realistic. In terms of academics, a student’s English skills are tested through SATs, SAT IIs, and personal statements for college apps. In society, challenges posed include presenting themselves as strong oral and written communicators who are educated and literate. Furthermore, it is commonly believed that the ability to read and write is inversely proportional to one’s ability to take in information as well as to think critically about the information. By covering the basics of English and walking students through the writing process, students are able to continually build upon their reading and comprehension skills.
Learning English never ends. A good start includes a refresher of grammar basics and sentence structure that paves the way towards analyzing literature, writing research papers, and even creative writing such as prose or poetry. Study Hut tutors can walk students through the writing process by teaching students the effectiveness of brainstorming, outlining, establishing a clear and concise thesis, any research needed to collect concrete details. An exercise as simple as learning to properly use one new word each week or learning how to write complex sentences can help elevate writing. The abilities to read, writing, and think critically will most likely open a wide-range of career opportunities. Great English skills are portrayed in all subjects other than English such as research papers in History or lab reports in Science. Overall, the main reason to study English is to sound educated and literate.

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